About the Cochise County Historical Society

Mission Statement

To gather, preserve, and promote the study and preservation of the historical heritage of Cochise County, Arizona, as well as to make available the facts of the past, and to publish or otherwise disseminate the information obtained by the society.

Current Leadership


  • President

    Bill Cavaliere Portal

  • Vice-President

    Dennis “Nevada” Smith McNeal

  • Treasurer

    Margaret Bemis Double Adobe

  • Secretary

    Ruth Van Otten Sierra Vista

Board of Directors

  • Statia Dougherty Portal
  • Doug Hocking Sierra Vista
  • Kathy Klump Willcox
  • Craig McEwan Apache
  • Joe Moran Douglas
  • Rebecca Orozco Bisbee
  • Bill Pakinkis Tombstone
  • Linda Shaver Willcox
  • George Van Otten, Ph.D. Sierra Vista