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The Cochise County Historical Society welcomes articles from the public for possible publication in our bi-annual journals. Articles should be about someone, something, or some event within Cochise County, or related to the county. Potential authors must follow the attached guidelines.


  1. Submissions are due on April 1 for the spring/summer issue of the Cochise County Historical Journal (CCHJ) and by September 15 for the fall/winter issue. Authors should email or mail their final draft to the editor. Sending the editor versions that are not the finished product of the author will make editing more difficult with the necessary but tedious cross-referencing.
  2. Articles must be annotated. CCHJ uses endnotes and follows Chicago Style, with some deviation. Please refer to recent issues for format. Here are two endnote examples from the fall/winter 2016 Journal:

    6 Ibid, pp. 84-85. Gray characterizes rustlers of the 1880s as men with a “strain of honor in their heart, which placed them several notches ahead of our present day [1940] criminals.” Throughout Gray’s memoirs, his characterizations of those commonly referred to as “cowboys” are tempered with a practical recognition that most were just men trying to survive, and only a handful “hunted trouble.”

    7 Lynn R. Bailey, The “Unwashed Crowd:” Stockmen and Ranches of the San Simon and Sulphur Springs Valleys, Arizona Territory, 1878-1900, (Tucson, Westernlore Press, 2014), p. 71.

  3. The author is responsible for obtaining images for his/her article. The publisher requires a resolution of at least 600 DPI. If necessary CCHS will reimburse the author for the cost of obtaining two images, at a reasonable price, for each article published. A photo obtained from most archives tends to cost above $50. The author is responsible for captions for each image, and it must include acknowledgement of the source for the image, unless previously stated in the article or a common image without copyrights. Please place photos and captions in the article where you would like to see them in the finished journal product. Here are two examples of captions:

    I. This is the grave of Frances F. Fourr, Billy and Lucinda’s son who died in January of 1877 at the age of one month, at about the same time as the death of his brother Albert.
    Photo courtesy of Bill Cavaliere

    II. This drawing was made [artist unknown at present] at the dedication of Geronimo Monument in 1934. Donated to the Arizona Historical Society (AHS) from Mrs. Henrietta Rockfellow Ruble on May 5, 1938 (three years after Billy’s death). If he was 95 at the time of this drawing, then he would have been born in 1939, the same year that his death certificate states.
    Courtesy of AHS, Tucson; Fourr, William Files, #6722

  4. Although recently published authors in the CCHJ may feel that their future works should be covered in a series of Journal issues, the Society is not obligated to publish subsequent articles.
  5. CCHS does not publish submitting-authors’ biographies in the CCHJ.
  6. The author’s personal political opinions cannot be inserted in their articles.
  7. CCHS reserves the right to edit content for any reason.